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Hunterdon Hundred Preparation

The Hunterdon Hundred, the WJW Club Century ride, is October 5 (see the related article).  Whether you plan to do the 40 miler, the 62 mile metric century or the full hundred miler, it is a good idea to prepare for the ride.  You don’t want to be the one person in your group with a mechanical breakdown or the one who forgets to eat breakfast and bonks halfway through the ride.  The following are some hints to prepare for the big event.

Do these soon.

  • Make sure your bike is in good working order and that those annoying noises are taken care of.
  • Make sure you have that extra tube, tools, pump, and money in your bike bag.
  • Put in some extra miles each week, do some longer rides close to the length of the ride you plan to do, do some hills.
  • Test any new equipment, and those new bike shorts.  You don’t want a surprise at mile 50.
  • If you are thinking of changing your on-the-ride nutrition/hydration, test it between now and the century, that new fancy sports drink might not sit too well in your stomach.  Again you don’t want surprises at mile 50.

The day (or two) before the ride.

  • Plan and maybe even prepare what you will eat for breakfast the day of the ride.
  • Gather your ride food, your ride gear, water bottles, pump and anything else you might need and pack it in a bag so that you can grab it on the way out the door.
  • Plan your time schedule and set your alarm so you arrive in plenty of time to check in, unload the bike, and have that last snack before the ride starts.  We do want to start each ride on time and it is inconsiderate to make people wait for you.  If you are on time you are late.

A little preparation will help make your ride enjoyable.

Both the metric and the full century routes head off the plateau away from the cars and don’t return to the cars until the end of the ride.  There are a few convenience stores along the routes but not many, so don’t count on frequent stops, bring plenty of water and ride food.  The first part of each route is fairly hilly and the last 25 miles of each route (except the 40 miler) is on the plateau and fairly flat.  We hope that all the rides finish at 3:00 and that everyone can stay and enjoy the lunch special at Brunello Trattoria.  The club will buy the first round.

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Hunterdon Hundred


Join the Western Jersey Wheelmen on Sunday, October 5, for the Hunterdon Hundred, a 100 mile bike ride. This event is open to club members and non-members.

In addition to the century ride, the club will host 75, 62, and 40 mile rides.  The rides will start at 9:00 and finish around three o’clock when cyclists can enjoy a cash bar on Brunello’s patio and buy a fabulous Italian lunch special for $13.  Other rides may be added for the day, so keep an eye on the ride calendar.Rest Stop at a Winery (2)

The century route (including the 75 miler) will be on mostly rural roads and will include some challenging hills as the ride leaders take the bikers up and down the beautiful Sourland Mountain and back up to the Hunterdon Plateau where the final 25 miles will be on fairly flat roads.  The 40 miler and the 62 mile metric century will follow a similar route but without as many hills.

Non-club members will need to complete a waiver form on the day of the event and pay a $10 fee which includes a four month WJW membership.  For more details contact Kurt at 570-677-3591 or kurt.grabfelder@gmail.com 

 The starting location is Brunello’s Trattoria, 300 Old Croton Rd., Flemington.  The restaurant is west of Flemington on route 579 just north of route 12.  Cue sheets will be provided for each of the rides. 

Here is the link for the 100 mile route:  http://ridewithgps.com/routes/6104244  The 75 mile route is the same but riders will skip the last 25 miles and head back to the start.  This is the link for the 62 mile metric century:    http://ridewithgps.com/routes/3052455  The 40 mile route is the same but riders will skip the final 25 miles and head back to the restaurant.

The starting times and approximate average speeds are:  7:30—100 & 75 miles at 15 mph, 9:00— 40 & 62 miles at 13 mph.Flateau Century

The Western Jersey Wheelmen is a year-round recreational bicycle club, catering to all ability levels and interests, with road and off road rides throughout the week. Check the website www.bikewjw.org for rides and other events.

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Flateau Century


Join the Western Jersey Wheelmen on July 12 for a flat century ride.

The club will host both century and metric century rides on the plateau west of Flemington, in Hunterdon County, New Jersey. Since the plateau is a really flat area, we are calling this ride the Flateau Century. The rides will start throughout the morning and finish around four o’clock when riders can enjoy a cash bar on Brunello’s patio and buy a fabulous Italian lunch special for $13.

Click on the above Ride Database for Ride With GPS routes.  Click on the Flateau Century link on the right for Bike Route Toaster routes.

This route makes a great first century and for experienced century riders, a great route to do a personal best. Ride leaders will take bikers through farm country on flat, rural roads, with just enough rollers and turns to make it interesting. Each of the three loops on the route pass the starting point where riders can replenish their supplies, the route also passes two or three convenience stores on each loop. The riders will never be more than six miles from their cars.

Non-club members will need to complete a waiver form and pay a $10 fee which includes a six month WJW membership. For the waiver and more details contact Kurt at 570-677-3591 or kurt.grabfelder@gmail.com

Starting location: Brunello’s Trattoria, 300 Old Croton Rd., Flemington. The restaurant is west of Flemington on route 579 just north of route 12. Cue sheets and maps will be provided by the ride leaders for each of the four rides. The routes are also marked on the roads.

Start times:

7:00—C century

8:00—B century

9:00—A century

9:30—B & C metric century (the distances will be around 60 miles, but vary depending on the group)

This is a link to the WJW web site’s ride database. The three loops of the Flateau Century are on this page under THE PLATEAU. http://www.bikewjw.org/wjw-ride-database/

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Hunterdon Hundred



Here are a couple of reminders and updates for the October 12, 2013, Hunterdon Hundred.

Cue sheets and GPS route download. These are available from a link on our website’s calendar page.  Go to the ride calendar, click on the ride you are doing and then click on the link which takes you to Ride With GPS.  Print the cue sheet or download the GPS route from this site.

A limited number of cue sheets will be available at the start

Time Schedule:

100 miles will leave at 7:30.

62 miles (13-14 mph avg.) will leave at 9:00.

All rides will leave on time and should finish around 3:00.

Non-members will need to arrive early enough to sign a waiver and pay a $10 membership fee.

More information is in the two related articles or call Kurt at 570-677-3591.

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Email Notifications

If you would like to be notified by email when a ride is posted, scroll to the bottom of the calendar and click on RSS.  Follow the directions and you should be notified of a new post.  You will need to choose the program you want to use for receiving the RSS feed, most often an email program, such as Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird.  In the RSS setup, you will need to navigate to your program files and specify the program there.

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Club Picnic

Bike ExchangeThe club picnic is Saturday, September 13, at Deer Path Park, in Flemington.  Come out and tell tall tales of this year’s biking exploits as you socialize with you fellow wheelmen and wheelwomen.  We offer good food, good games, and good friends.  More details are on the calendar posting.

What?  Roadie Dave on a mountain bike teeter totter!

What? Roadie Dave on a mountain bike teeter totter!

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Bike Repair Stand

I’ve been using my tailgate bike rack as a repair stand for a while, but was getting sick of needing my Rav-4 to be present.  For $35, I bought a step bumper hitch from Walmart and attached it to the wall of my garage.  Now I have a place to work on bikes when my wife uses the Rav-4, as well as a place to store the stand off the floor.


Thought some might like the relatively inexpensive idea.


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Group Riding Hand Signals


The above link should take you to an article with pictures on cycling hand signals.  Take a look and avoid an accident.


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Sourland Spectacular bike ride Sept 7

The second annual Sourland Spectacular bike ride is Sept. 7. Several length rides are offered.  This was a wonderful ride last year with beautiful routes and great food.  Cost is $40 for an adult. To get more info and to register copy this URL into your browser address field: http://spcnj.typepad.com/spectacular/

Contact Kurt (570-677-3591) to coordinate meeting up at the start.

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