Bike Repair Stand

I’ve been using my tailgate bike rack as a repair stand for a while, but was getting sick of needing my Rav-4 to be present.  For $35, I bought a step bumper hitch from Walmart and attached it to the wall of my garage.  Now I have a place to work on bikes when my wife uses the Rav-4, as well as a place to store the stand off the floor.


Thought some might like the relatively inexpensive idea.


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2 Responses to Bike Repair Stand

  1. Back in the Saddle says:

    I like that! Seems like a good use for a bike rack when not on the car. Presumably you can have different wall mounts, for different heights?

  2. David Maxwell says:

    I’d think so; but that would mean money for each mount. It would be cheaper if you could set up a way to move the receiver to different positions. Maybe a modification of this idea

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