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Western Jersey Wheelmen
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Constitution and By-Laws



The name of this organization shall be the Western Jersey Wheelmen.

ARTICLE II - Purpose and Aims

The principal purpose of this club will be to promote bicycling, bicycle protocol and bicycle maintenance in a social and recreational manner. The social and recreational manner will consist of weekend scheduled rides, commuting, any bicycle outing such as rides combined with picnics, breakfast, lunch, or dinner, swimming, and other summer and winter sports.

ARTICLE III - Membership

Anyone 18 years of age or older, who rides a bicycle, may be eligible for an adult membership. Dues will be set by the Board of Trustees (Board).


Dues received from new members after November 1 shall cover the period November 1 and the following year. Regular dues payments will be assessed for the twelve months from March 1 to February 28/29.

ARTICLE V - Club Board Officers

Each Trustee will also serve as an officer.

Duties of the board officers:

A. President – Presides at all meetings, appoints committees, acts as chairman at board and membership meetings, in general is responsible for and to the club in all matters.

B. Vice President- Assumes the President’s office and powers in the case of vacancy or temporary absence. Will head specific committees as required throughout the year to lessen the President’s workload.

C. Secretary- Takes minutes at membership and board meetings. Prepares a report of minutes to be delivered to the Board not more than one week after the meeting is held. Handles all correspondence for general club matters.

D. Treasurer- Responsible for club finances, maintains a budget for the club, and maintains a record of all receipts and expenditures.

E. Special Events Coordinator- Responsible for development and coordination of the special events calendar.

F. Newsletter Editor- Responsible for incorporating the ride schedule with any other club material into a newsletter to be distributed and made available to all club members on a monthly basis, and is also responsible for newsletter content.

G. Membership Chairman- Responsible for promoting club membership, collects dues, and keeps a record of membership status. Handles membership cards and keeps the Board advised of membership information.

If any vacancy should occur after the original Board has been established, the remaining Board Trustees shall appoint a member to fill said vacancy. The President is also considered a Board officer. In order for the appointment to be considered official, a majority vote by the Board will be necessary.

All Board officers will have voting rights on all club policy matters.

ARTICLE VI - Removal from Office

If the Board feels a certain Board officer is not fulfilling his duties of office in the best interest of the club, a vote will be taken to remove him from office once charges are stated to the Board. A majority vote by the Board will be necessary to remove him from office, effective immediately after the vote is taken. Removal from office is also removal from the Board of Trustees.

ARTICLE VII - Removal from Club

If a club member is asked to resign from the club, the following procedure will take effect:

The Board will investigate all formal charges laid against said member that are not in the best interest of the club.

If the Board determines charges are true and valid, the said member will be presented with charges against him/her; conditions will be imposed and he/she is put on one-month probation.

If said member does not meet conditions outlined in step 2 charges will then be addressed at the next Board meeting. The Board will determine the said member’s status.

ARTICLE VIII - Membership Meetings

Meetings will be held as directed by the Board of Trustees. The time and place will be announced on the club website.

Article IX - Board Meetings

Board meetings will be held at the discretion of the President, but whenever practical at least once a month, excluding December.

ARTICLE X - No Awards Clause

For the life of these bylaws, it is agreed to have no awards of any kind. The purpose of this club is to promote bicycling for social, recreational, and healthful reasons and not to give a club member an award for riding his/her bicycle. Due to the not-for-profit club status, awards or gifts from club funds shall not be administered.

ARTICLE XI - Dissolution of Club

In the event that the Western Jersey Wheelmen should dissolve, the money residing in the treasury will be contributed to another bicycle related 501 (c) tax-exempt organization.

ARTICLE XII - Amendments

Amendments to Constitution and Bylaws must be proposed to the membership by a majority of the Board. A simple majority of the voting membership is required to effect a change in the bylaws. The membership will be polled via the Western Jersey Wheelmen website. No quorum or minimum number of votes is required for passage. The Board of Trustees Officers are club members with the same voting rights ascribed to non-Officers. A one-month time period from initiation of the vote will be allowed for membership voting.

This constitution and bylaws is adopted as the official Constitution and Bylaws of the Western Jersey Wheelmen on this the 1st day of July 2008, as sealed by the signatures affixed hereto.

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