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How to read WJW Club Ride Designations

Each WJW ride is categorized based on pace (average speed), distance and terrain. The pace is a general guideline and may vary based on conditions and terrain. Riders should contact the ride leader to see if their abilities fit the ride, especially if they have not ridden with the leader before. Ride leaders are expected to set the correct pace for the ride.

Speed categories:

A: 16+ average MPH.  These are fast challenging rides that focus on a hard workout for the rider.  Expect hilly terrain, infrequent rest stops (if at all), pelotons and pacelines where appropriate.  Rides may be “no drop” or “drop” rides.  Check with your ride leader.

B: 14-16 average MPH.  These are moderately fast rides over a variety of terrain, including hills.  More times than not, there will be a rest stop near the halfway point.  No riders are dropped.

C: 12-14 average MPH.  These are slower paced rides over a variety of terrain, seeking a flatter route, with some hills, given our territory.  Riders should have some riding experience.  Rest stops are expected.  No riders are dropped.

D: <12 average MPH.  Short in miles, slow in pace, social in nature.  Any mileage under 20 miles.  No riders are dropped.

OR A/B/C/D: Off road  A, B, C and D rides are for those mountain bikes and hybrids that were made for just these types of rides; single track or rail trails, towpaths, rocks, roots, and jumps. The level or conditions of the trail determines the pace and difficulty of the ride. You should call the ride leader for the details and conditions for riding.

This indicator (+) following a letter designation indicates a ride at the upper limits of the category in terms pace, terrain or distance.     This indicator (-) following a letter designation indicates a ride at the lower limits of the category in terms of pace, terrain or distance.

Terrain Categories

T1: Mostly flat, occasional rolling hills

T2: Rolling terrain

T3: Rolling terrain with one substantial climb

T4: More than one substantial climb or one very difficult/steep climb

T5: Consistently very hilly with multiple difficult climbs.

How ride categories are written

B+45 T5:

B+ pace (the upper end of a B ride, about 16 MPH average speed), 45 (distance planned for the ride), T5 (consistently very hilly terrain with a lot of climbing expected.)

C-20 T2:

C- pace (the lower end of a C ride, about 12 MPH average speed), 20 (distance planed for the ride), T2 (rolling terrain.)

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